Work It Baby!

In the spirit of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, I decided to create mini workouts (!!!) that will tone give a good TLC [tone, lengthen, and cinch] to the areas of the body that we love to admire on other woman.

I mean seriously, look at these ladies they are some true fitness babes!





Hope all my fellow Angel fanatics are ready to kick your butt into gear, continue to eat clean, and work hard! It all pays off in the end lovelies. ‚̧


Kickin’ Ass

So today I feel like I kicked ass in a lot of things like…

my new yoga class (not that you should be kicking ass in yoga (;)

nursing class final

weights routine at the gym.

I’m just high on life right now, like literally nothing can bring me down right now. I just sat at a light for 10 minutes (!!!) waiting for my little arrow to turn green. When it finally turned green I whizzed around to pull into to the restaurant I ordered [healthy] takeout from and paid for my stuff. When I got home I opened up my box and they gave me the wrong takeout but luckily it was this delishhh salad!


Woohoo, it was still healthy…kinda I mean it came with ranch dressing but I used it sparingly (: Now onto the fun part! For my workout today I did 45 minutes of the Elliptical (which I hardly ever use anymore but my joints were pretty sore from running lately) and then focused on my upper body.


I’m actually trying to be festive with my little picture and stuff. Honestly, I’m like a total screwdge when it comes to Christmas. I mean don’t get me wrong I love all the pretty decorations and giving gifts to other people and celebrating the true meaning of it. But I just have a hard time with all the overly-cheeriness I am def. not a fan of Christmas music. I think the reason is because when I was in High School I worked at a grocery store and during Christmas I was working so much and all I had to listen to was Christmas music.

This guy I’m dating finds it hilarious to torture me with Christmas music [and yes I mean torture]. When we were going to NASCAR together all the way there and back he only would play Christmas music because he is such a Christmas person. AND when there wasn’t the cheery music playing on the radio he had a Michael Buble (however you spell it) Holiday CD.

The scariest part about all this is I actually enjoyed the Michael Buble CD but shhhhhh….don’t tell him that (;

Guess I know what I’m getting him for x-mas! If he sticks around I’ll post some pictures of us together (:


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