About Me.

   Since my Freshman year in high school I have struggled with what you’d called Disordered Eating. I have never really had a healthy view on food and I am an ex-but-somewhat-still exercise addict. I never truly believed I had a problem until I looked back on it. I used to go to the gym for three hours at a time on my normal days but on the days I had Ballet training [I did pointe] I would run three miles, do an hour long boot camp class, and then proceed to have barre training for an hour and a half, and then pointe training for at least 45 minutes. My body took a lot of impact and since I was so calorie obsessed I wasn’t talking in enough nutrients. Over the time period of all the stress I put on my body to this day I now suffer quit a few health problems due to all the high-impact activities. I now deal with a calcium deficiency, back problems, and not to mention I lost an inch of my height. Crazy, right?


Toward the end of my Senior year in high school and my Freshman year in college I was on the verge of Bulimia. I was in such a shock because I couldn’t find the usual time I had to workout because of school, working, and just the craziness of life. On top of it, I wasn’t able to eat as organic or as clean as I used to because I was starting to live on my own. So when I ate things that I knew weren’t the best for me I used to feel so guilty and would attempt to purge. I did have a few episodes where I ended up totally shaken up and light headed but there was one significant moment that made me come to terms with my problem. Luckily, I had extremely supportive friends that I could talk to and they helped me through it. To this day, my parents never knew about this disorder I had but that doesn’t mean one day I won’t share it with them.





To this day I do still struggle with my past problems, but I just take it day by day. When I start to fall back into my old habits I just think to myself that the reason why I exercise and eat clean is to be healthy, so if I obsess over it too much that is considered unhealthy. I started this blog to help myself become stronger and to help other people that have ever struggled with eating disorders to overcome them. By no means am I a doctor; these are just my personal experiences that I wanted to share so eating disorders can be nipped in the bud! Now, I finally have myself at a healthy [!!!] weight.


If  you are in need of help there are many hotlines that can help. It’s YOUR life so you should control it!

Stay Beautiful, babes (;


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