Blah, Blah, Blah…

So I’m back at my parents house again for the second time this week, which is great! Accept the fact my parents are here ): I’m checking up on my kid brother (he’s 15) while they are gone! I promised him I would go to his football game tomorrow when I didn’t have class. Sometimes, when I come home it just makes me so dang homesick and I almost want to move home. I’m such an habitual person that I dislike drastic change and I am still getting used to living on my own and it’s been about two years now! Haha Just watch, I will probably get used to the apartment I am in now and not want to move to a different one. I feel like I can’t win! Anyway, I wanted to post a workout that really got me sweating and is perfect for a busy person that is short one time. All you need is about 30-40 minutes and this workout combines body weight exercises and cardio.

You should complete four rounds by the time you run two miles, I originally planned to run three miles but this ened up really kicking my butt! So I paired this with 20 minutes on the elliptical and a 45 minute weight routine. I was one tired girl. ooo I also finished making my peacock costume! So stay tuned for later when I post MORE workouts and pictures of my costume! (:


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