Wifi Frusterations

So the past few days have been pretty eventful. As of right now, I am currently typing this in my Microsoft word due to the fact that my wifi is down and probably will not be able to post this until I have class. On Friday I pulled a double shift at work, it was a very long 14 hours might I add. And I will totally be honest…I shared a basket of fries with my girlfriend at work -.- I know, I know they are so bad for you but they are my total weakness. Especially when I have super long shifts and I don’t really have a set break to eat. Sometimes, it sucks being in the restaurant business! On Saturday, it was my roommates a.k.a. best friend’s birthday! Can I get a what what!!! For her birthday we took her to this awesome music festival called Soundwave in Tempe, AZ. They held it inside of one of our big waterparks. There were three stages total. Two of them were around the water slides, while the other one was inside the giant wave pool which was drained specifically for this event. The type of music that they play was electronic/dubstep. (Which is great cardio/dancing/cycling music for the gym). There were several main artists that included Rehab, Felix Cartel, and my personal favorite Calvin Harris. We all had the best night and went all out with dressing up for the show. Another cool thing was the park even kept the slides going! Us girls preferred to dance the night away. So funny story…I feel like some guys feel that pelvic thrusting their junk into my backside is considered dancing. I kid you not; I have bruises all over my body from this one guy that was attempting to dance with me. He just dry humped the hell out of me and would tap pound on my body to the beat of the music. I finally had another guy tell him to get lost because I had so many battle wound that were really starting to become painful haha.


Post Workout Glow ❤

Now onto Sunday! In the morning, I went to my local no-kill animal shelter and attended a volunteer orientation. This amazing shelter started out as a local mom-daughter foster care for animals in their neighborhood. Eventually, they were helping so many animals that they needed a bigger location. So they bought a building that was built to be a DMV but a fall out had happened.  No it is becoming a huge shelther in Arizona and it is being featured at petsmarts and petcos all over the valley. I can’t wait to start volunteering, there are so many way to help them. My choice would be to bathe the cats and dogs and take them out to get exercise! Can’t wait (: After the orientation I had to sneak over to starbucks to borrow their wifi to study for about 4 hours. Ahhh, so long my brain feels like liquid. Do you ever feel like after you study that whatever topic you were studying is all you can thing about. Like right now, I’m relating EVERYTHING to veins and arteries. I’m pretty sure I’m grossing my roommates out and they thing I’m a freak. Once I decided to give myself a break we went to get gelato. I chose the flavors Raspberry and Roche (which is like the ferraro roche chocolates!) Afterwards, we went to Target to pick up another lap for mine and Shelby’s room. Of course we got sidetracked in the clothes, cosmetics, literally everything… When I finally got home it was time for a late night gym sesh. I ran a quick two miles and completed two workouts (from Women’s Health Big Book of 15 Minute Workouts) and my “Where Them Abs At” ab routine. I’m really feeling the burn from those women’s health workouts. I’ll have to do a review on that book. I totally feel like those are 15 minutes though, I think they are around 22 minutes! Well off to do some more studying before bed. Stay beautiful!

P.S. My wifi is STILL down. I’m posting this at my local starbucks. I’ve been doing all my schoolwork here and I think they think I live here haha


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