Rockin’ & Rollin’

I have this bad habit of staying up later than I mean too, and when I mean later I mean like two hours later! I’ll be in bed but then I just remember that I have a million things to do. So I ended up in bed around 2am which caused me to wake up around 11ish. Boo, I hate feeling like I sleep my day away. I only have one morning class this semester so there really isn’t any motivation to wake up sometimes. After my Biology lab, which was AWESOME today (we got two new cadavers!) I headed out for a quick two mile run and then went to my apartment gym to do some abs and a mix of arms/legs. I felt like today I was sweating a lot more than I usually do. My shirt was SOAKED and half way through my workout I had to take it off! Do you ever feel that way? Anyway, here is the workout!


For the abs part I really fatigued my core out and I mean really! I was convulsing at the end of this and it felt great! I really enjoyed doing this workout because the song makes it so fun. Everything goes great to the beat of it! Hope you like it (:

Let me know if you guys try the workout and what you think of it!


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