More Cheese, Please!

I have a very relaxing day today! I woke up and went to class and afterward I had a mini girls day with my roommates! We were shopping for outfits for a concert this weekend and for Halloween. I decided that for Halloween I’m going to be a Peacock, Naughty Nurse (I know it’s a cliche but I gotta do it, it’s my major! (;), and I think Rosie Riveter. Now this sounds like a lot of costumes but down here at good ole’ ASU we like to party hard and Halloween literally is the whole month of October for us! I’m most excited for my Peacock costume because it’s going to be homemade! I’m going to get a black tutu or mini skirt for the bottom, fishnets, blue shoes/heels, a black corset, and I already have a mask! (it’s way cuter in person!) For the corset I’m going to cover the bust part in peacock feathers! I like this one the best! I bought green eyeliner, blue cream shadow, and purple glitter liner already as well. Yeah, yeah I know, I’m really going all out! Haha


Today for my workout I went to a cycling class which was much needed. Spin classes to me are so therapeutic, I feel like when I go in I have a thousand dilemmas on my mind but when I leave I have a thousand of solutions. Today’s class was quite repetitive though, I couldn’t tell if I liked that way or not.


After cycle I headed over to Yoga for a relaxing yet challenging class. All those standing hill climbs left my legs feeling like jello which made it pretty hard to be in Virabhadrasana (Warrior) pose. When I got home I was feeling pretty hungry. So I cooked up some Annie’s Natural Spiral Parmesan Macaroni & Cheese and added broccoli with some cut up pork chops I grilled earlier in the week. I added a ton of broccoli to my one cup of mac and cheese so I’d really fill me up. BUT I still had room for dessert (:

My roomie and I headed over to our favorite Gelato shop and got a serving. She opted for Cookies N’ Cream, as always, and I got Chocolate Carmel Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter. We had always heard that Gelato was better for you than Ice Cream but we wondered if it was really true. It ended up that it really is true. In 100 mililiters (which is about a 1/2 a cup) of Gelato there is 160 calorie and 3.5 grams of fat. The reason that Gelato is better is because they use less ingredients, sugar, and cream which allows the flavor to be stronger. Obviously, if you have a giant serving of Gelato it kinda ruins the point though haha. Hope everyone has a good night (:


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