Man Oh Man!

Went for an amazing run tonight! I always forget how much  love night running, it always relaxes me. Running at my parentshouse is like heaven, I grew up running around there so I know exactly how many miles is what, etc. Not to mention it is beautiful! Sometimes, the running trails make me want to move back home again!. I went for an 8 mile run which felt awesome, considering the fact I haven’t gotten to actually run for a while. I was sick with some respiratory infection thing and it really put a damper on my lungs and made them all moist and crackly feeling, boo 😛 I got so caught up in my run that I didn’t realize that my second toe formed a blister the size of China. No really, it’s taking up my WHOLE toe. It’s ridiculous! Also, I have a picture that makes me giggle and I love it!


Awesome, right?? Good motivation! So I wanna know guys and gals, what’s your favorite thing about running? Mine is the ability to get lost in your run and just feel like you can go forever! Sometimes I like to pretend I’m still in a dream (; Hope you all have a lovely rest of your evening ❤


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