Kabobbin’ Along!

So I’ve recently been stressed out and homesick. So when I found out I had Sunday and Monday off from work and school I leaped at the chance to drive home and visit my family. Now, they only live an hour away from me so it’s not like I ever see them, but it’s rare that I get to go home and actually stay a night or two. When my parents found out that I was heading home they wanted to cook me a nice home cooked meal of kabobs! The kabobs consist of chicken, beef, and an assortment of colorful veggies. On the chicken my dad is marinating it with a teriyaki glaze and for the meat it’s and herb blend. There was also wild rice being cooked up for a side. As I was watching them make it I realized how cool the little kabob skewers they used are! Instead of it being a stick its a flexible circle thing so everything cooks evenly (second row, first picture in the collage!) Once everything was prepared they fired up the grill and cooked them until the meat looked done. It’s so funny, in my apartment I finally had to buy a meat thermometer for when I cook chicken because I have this terrible fear of salmonella. Every time I cooked my chicken previously I would always dried it out because I would cook it too long in fear of catching salmonella if it was undercooked! Anywho, enough of me rambling, for dessert (because we all need a little bit of an indulgence (;) my dad has a soft spot for apple pie. So he bought a frozen Marie Callender Apple Crumb Pie. These are so so so yummy, if you ever need to buy a frozen pie get her’s! Delish! Well, I’m going to let my food digest and then go for a long distance run. Catch ya laterzzzz!

P.S. Sorry about the blurry pictures, it’s from my camera phone! I forgot my digital camera ):

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