I feel as if society has a major misconception of why people are or obese or can’t lose weight. Let’s face it, us as humans, enjoy eating. There are many occasions when we do eat. For example, birthdays, weddings, celebrations…it’s just a natural thing for people to do. Our lives would be a little more boring if we didn’t have food. There are many ways that we can tweek our foods to make something that is down right toxic for our health to something light and fresh. Processed foods are great, they make life easier…but do they really? At the time, it may seem like a quick fix to throw together a nice dinner for your family but in the long run it makes your life a bit more difficult when you have to deal with the resulting health problems. Many people use the excuse that healthy foods are often “tasteless” or have a terrible “texture.” It all depends on how YOU make it work. There are so many fresh herbs that you can use to make a bland meal into something bold and mouth-watering. How do you think all the unhealthy food becomes yummy, there is added ingredients to give more flavor. The only problem with these additives is they are usually unnatural and in some forms are chemically modified. Some chemicals put into food actually make the food addicting and make you want to eat more and more. Ever open a bag of cheetos and just eat one? Usually not. I believe that you can be healthy and eat a little bit of junk food every now and then. You just have to have things in moderation. For instance, your craving a bowl of ice cream, go ahead and have some ice cream, just measure out the correct serving size. Servings sizes are often believed to be much bigger than they are. As well as calories “burned” at the gym. When losing weight many things are over measure. When trying to maintain your health it is vital to workout regularly. It makes you emotionally, internally, and physically stable. Staying healthy is a balancing act, one end has to do with eating healthy and the other with exercising. You only find that sweet spot in the middle when you have both sides evened out. Anyone is strong enough to maintain a healthy body, all they need is the drive to do it. Nowadays, many people give up on themselves before they even get to see the fight come out of them. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to be a size zero, it comes in all different shapes and sizes and each one is just plain gorgeous.

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