Get Your Om On!

“Blessed are the flexible, for they can not be bent out of shape.” – Author Unknown

So as I’m spacing off paying attention in my Nutrition Lecture I started thinking about an awesome Yoga workout. I’ve been practicing yoga for five years now and I absolutely love it. Whenever I need a breather I know that my mat can relieve me of my tense feelings. I’m infatuated with back bends and head stands. When I’m in those poses I can feel my stress just melt away! So I wanted to share with you guys a groovy (yes, I went there) workout I created for myself. A few things to remember when doing yoga:

1. Take it easy, don’t force your body into poses it isn’t ready for.
2. Just breathe!
3. Be light-hearted and have fun with it! If you slip out of a pose just get right back into it!


Some of the poses were difficult to explain so I got some pictures from Yoga Journal’s website.


King’s Pigeon:

Shoulder Stand:



Well on that note, I’m off to go do some yoga! I hope you guys enjoy this little routine. Let me know if you try it or have any questions! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Get Your Om On!

  1. Wow – Kapotasana is actually one of the most difficult postures to achieve, not only physically but mentally (because of the back bend into the “void”). Good luck with it!


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