She’s Country!

So for the past few days I’ve been in a Country kinda mood. I’ve had my Pandora station set to it and I even worked out to it! I think it has to do with the fact that my brain is on Summer; my favorite season. My favorite song right now, although it’s kinda sad, is Red Light by David Nail. His voice is amazing, it makes my heart melt. Well, now that I just gushed for a bit I’ll move onto what you guys really wanna read about!


On Friday I had a great dinner hat I made for my girlie and I. We each had half a yam with cinnamon, grilled cheese, an apple, and 1 cup of tomato basil soup. To add some nutrients I added spinach leaves to the grilled cheeses. I didn’t take a picture of the yam, it looked like baby food haha. Earlier that day before work, I crammed in a 6 miles run among my busy day. I really wanted to make it 8 miles but I didn’t have time and the weather was a lot hotter than I was hydrated for.


Saturday I was able to get a good workout it and it busted my butt, literally! I clocked in 30 minutes on the Elliptical, 15 minutes on the StairMaster, and 45 minutes of weights. I completed the Killer Legs Workout that I posted a while ago and threw in some random arm exercises. I felt awesome during the workout and was surprised to find out that my lower body was a lot stronger than I thought. For lunch, I made myself a bleu cheese burger. I used a Nature’s Own Sandwich Thing, Morning Star Chickn’ Pattie, Laughing Cow Bleu Cheese Wedge, and Mustard. I really love this combination it was so savory I didn’t want it to end! I also at a mini bag of baby carrots while I walked to work. I took a picture but I think I may have accidentally deleted it šŸ˜¦


On Sunday I finally had a day off from work and could slow down my life for a bit. I was excited to get to the gym, my body was craving a good sweat session. I completed 30 minutes on the Elliptical, 10 minutes on the Rowing Machine, and 50 minutes of weights. I’m super excited to share my weight routine with you guys. The upper body portion of my workout I found on pinterest, the lower body was found on PB Fingers, and I made up the ab circuit.


After my workout I made myself a flatbread pizza which was delicious. I made the crust (flatbread) a bit crispier this time and it was more crust-like! I added my spinach, cheese, and veggie pizza sauce. I didn’t have anymore turkey pepperonis!

Pretty Pizza!

Well, I’m off to go study for my upcoming Sociology and Nutrition exam! I’ll post my workout and meals for today later tonight when I take a study break!

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