Gettin’ Ma Serving In!

Today was a very laid back…yet stressful day. I have had a ton of things to study for and tedious little tasks to do. Luckily, my busy day has gently come to an end. Right now I’m currently loving my feeling of fullness thanks to 4 servings of fruits and veggies from my dinner. I realized I was a bit low on my 5-a-day so I wanted to get my serving in! I absolutely love feeling full, well not so full you feel sick, but a satisfied full from produce. I could just cuddle up and go to bed right now 🙂

Delicious 2-servings of Fruit!

I had Pasta Bowl for dinner which had a great heaping of asparagus and broccoli. I used whole grain pasta noodles and  I topped it all with Tomato Basil pasta sauce. It was so yummy, now you guys see how good veggies can be!

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!

 Well this is awkward… I talked about my dinner before my lunch. Oh well, so onto lunch I made myself a homemade egg sandwich. I used egg whites, a thomas lite english muffin, shredded cheddar cheese, organic raspberry jam, and a turkey sausage patty. This beauty was defiantly savory with a hint of comfort food 🙂

Not the prettiest picture...but don't let that fool you; it was tasty!

My workout today wasn’t anything special to you guys, I just took a killer cycle class. I need to figure out a way to remember the types of climbs, sprints, and jumps we do! Then I could post a cycle workout for you guys! Well back to studying and such, see ya soon!

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