Green, Lean, & Mean (to fat) Machine!

Good morning! Well, at least it’s still morning where I am! I have a handful of goodies for you guys. I’ll start with a breakfast smoothie I made a few days ago. I made myself a nutrient rich smoothie that gave me loads of energy. Now, a secret ingredient that I put in this smoothie may have you guys cringing. It’s spinach! This green beauty has many vitamins and health benefits in it plus when you blend it up in the blender you can’t even taste it. If you guys have ever had a Green Machine from Naked Juice, it’s plenty similar to that.

In the blender!

Green Machine!

In my variation I added frozen banana (it’s creamier when they are frozen), a Kiwi, Spinach, Protein Powder, Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt, and Milk. There are a plethora of different ways you can make this smoothie. For instance, if you like your smoothies creamy use milk for your liquid and if you like them tangy add a juice (like OJ) as your liquid. I think next time I’m going to use juice. I’m a tangy girl šŸ˜‰

Nutrition (For 1/4 cup of milk, 1/4 cup yogurt, 1 kiwi, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 scoop protein powder, and 1 1/2-2 cups of spinach):
Calories- 181 Fat- 1.5 grams Protein- 11 grams Carbohydrates- 35

*Side Note- spinach has flavornoids in it which help slow down/prevent cancer, it’s an anti-inflammatory, has antioxidants, and it helps your immune system. There are many other benefits as well, these are just some well-known ones.*

I must say when I rushed into my Anatomy lecture with my green smoothie I had some eye brows furrowing at me haha


For my workout the day before I did a random cycling workout for 45 minutes and then ran for 15 minutes. Then I shimmied on over to the free weights to set up my little station. I did a workout that was from Women’s Health Magazine.

After this workout, I was feelin’ the exercise high! That was when I came home and made a pasta bowl in my last post.


My workout I completed yesterday was kinda all over the place. I actually was intending to run three miles and bust out a strength routine but I ran into one of friends and he convinced me to play racquetball for a while. Even though I only played for 15 minutes I worked up a sweat and had a blast. I’m definitely going to invest in some racquetball gear! I sure I looked like a total fish out of water playing haha. Once I was done I headed over to the treadmill and sprinted two miles and then completed a pretty tough body weight routine. This one was from Shape Magazine’s website!

Here’s the link for this workout for the how-to’s on some of the exercises.


For breakfast, I enjoyed a Kashi Waffle Sandwich! I toasted two Kashi waffles and added 1 tbsp of crunchy peanut butter and 1 tbsp of organic raspberry jelly. Delish!

On the go!

Ā I actually ate lunch during class yesterday but I couldn’t take a picture of it, I didn’t want to disrupt class and look like a looney! It was just a basic sammy, greek yogurt, kiwi, and grapes! So you guys aren’t missing out on much, well besides taste that is šŸ˜‰


For dinner, I made my self a delicious Healthy Flatbread Pizza. I took a Flatout Flatbread and covered it in Prego Veggie Smart Pizza Sauce. Then I added shredded mozzarella cheese, turkey pepperonis, and spinach. It sure was yummy, I think I’m going to try to get the “crust” crispier next time!

It looks like Christmas!

So you guys are probably wondering what the dealio is on the nutrition! Well this baby had 305 calories, 14 grams of fat, 29 grams of protein, and 26 carbs. Wow, more protein than carbs, that’s a first! this is for the whole pizza too!


Now for dessert, I had a few too many bowls of Special K Chocolatey Delight Cereal! It is just so dang good! Well I’m off to get ready to go running! See ya later!

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