Get Killer Legs!

Breakfast was the same ole’ same ole.’ When we go camping we usually only have two or three breakfast options. On this trip we have frosted flakes with low fat milk or a danish. Clearly frosted flakes is the better choice, hence why I’ve been eating them the past few days. Besides they are super tasty! I just finished my five mile run for today and wow my legs are burning. I can’t tell if it’s a burning workout pain or if my muscles are injured. I’m really hoping it’s the first one! Haha

For lunch I made a delicious croissant roast beef sandwich and had a serving of fruits, veggies, two pickles, and a pudding snack. I really thought this meal was going to be around 500 calories but I was wrong! It came out to 396! The only bad thing in this meal was the croissant but it was just too delicious looking to pass up! Besides it was either that or using white bread so I figured they were around the same amount of “bad.” The nutrition for this meal came out to 396 calories, 15 grams of fat, 51 carbs, and 15 grams of protein. The carbs were high because of the bread but that was to be expected! I knew I was going to be running five miles today instead of three so I allowed myself some more carbs.

Since I haven’t posted a workout in a few days I wanted to throw one together for you guys! I hope you guys enjoy!

What I think is funny is I made the colors barney colors by total accident Haha! Let me know if you guys try the workout. I’ll post a little bit later about my dinner and such. Adios amigos!

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