Dune Diva!

Today was a very interesting day, I drove our Can-Am Commander (which is like a supped up golf cart) into the bigger dunes while we went out on a family ride today. Uhh, not a good idea, the dunes were HUGE and I’m a quad girl so I’m used to driving that. Our Can-Am was a whole new experience for me haha. I’ve driven it before but my dad got new thing-a-ma-jigs on it and it made the steering completely different. In conclusion, make sure you practice on little dunes before you head to the biggies. I think I made my dad almost pee his pants! He kept yelling at me “go straight, power out, no no don’t stop more gas!” Luckily, no one was harmed (or any toys were harmed) and we ended up laughing about the whole situation later. I actually did pretty dang good driving but everything went down hill after I almost got stuck! So I think tomorrow I’ll just stick to riding quads and the Can-Am in the little dunes haha.

This is what I was driving!

What I was driving through but probably 1/2 the size!


Yikes, right? Well it was actually terrifyingly (is that a word?) fun!

 For breakfast and lunch I had the same things as yesterday. So frosted flakes for breakfast and pork, carrots, cheese, grapes, and a jello pudding cup for lunch.

Dinner was amazing, it reminded me so much of being at home. I had about a palm sized (maybe smaller) piece of steak, half a yam, and Caesar salad. Everything just tasted so yummy and natural. The best part about this meal is everything is homemade and unprocessed! Then came dessert, there was no way I could skip out on this. One of the ladies at my camp got a recipe off of pinterest, it was a version of a s’more I guess you could say and it was heaven. There was a melty goodness inside a waffle cone. The gooey mixture was melted chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, toffee bits, and banana. Even though this was so decadent it wasn’t a large serving size. I calculated the nutrition off of calorie count’s website and it came out to 140 calories, 5 grams of fat, 20 carbs, and 2.6 grams of protein. Surprisingly, it was not that bad!


Awh man, I just wanna lick my computer screen!

I guess it wasn’t too bad. The meal I would give around a B+, the only thing that was really the “culprit” of being bad was the caesar salad. Well of course there was the dessert too (; The star of dinner was defiantly the yam, it was so delicious, fluffy, and creamy. I forget how yummy they are and they are so much healthier than potatoes! My mom melted some butter and cinnamon sugar (just a lil’) to put on the yam! They contain numerous goodies such as, potassium, fiber, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 (good for your liver!), Vitamin C, manganese, and healthy carbs. So as you see, your not getting cut short when you eat this delicious veggie. When I head out to go grocery shopping I’m definitely going to pick up some of these babies.

Leaving for my run!

For my workout today it was kind of an easy one because I wasn’t feeling too well. I think something in my spine (like a vertebrae) is out of place. Every now and then I’ll get this weird back pain that effects my stomach and makes me nauseous. I went for a 3 mile run and stopped every mile to do 20 push ups, 50 jumping jacks, and 20 squats. Doesn’t seem like a lot but it got me feelin’ the burn! I got this idea from the lovely Julie over at PB Fingers. When I got back to my RV I worked my abs pretty hard. I did a random plethora of plank holds, rocking planks, in-outs, side plank pulses, reverse crunches, bicycle abs, round-ab-crunch, and some other stuff. It wasn’t really a set number of repetitions, so I won’t post a chart of it. I was feeling a lot better after the run. I love that runner’s high you get right after! See you guys tomorrow, I’ll be sitting by the camp fire tonight!

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