Watch Yo Self (Eating Habits)!

This has got to be my favorite way to eat! I love filling up on fruits & veggies!

So day one of the eat cleaner diet was actually a success. Although, my dinner was not my choice it was pretty easy to moderate and eat more of the good foods throughout the day though. Lunch was packed with a tone of nutritious finds like carrots, grapes, cheese, lean pork, and for a treat a 100 calorie Jello Temptation in Key Lime Pie. A girls’ gotta have a little sugar! 🙂 For snacks I noshed on grapes and celery with hummus/peanut butter (which is not pictured). I even squeezed a five mile run into today, man oh man was my butt a burning. I forget how much hard it is to run in the sand. I wasn’t out of breath at all but my muscles were screaming. My mile time leaped up to 9 minutes miles. It’s totally fine with me though, I think the sand gave me a better workout! Onto dinner, it was Italian night at the dunes and all of us campers had many things to bring to the table to dig into. Each night the ladies of our camp like to give it a theme, like Mexican food or steak night. Everyone plans or prepares their meals before they come out to make everything a lot easier to make. You know, they ought a make kitchens a bit bigger in RV’s! My mother had Marie Callender’s Spinach Chicken

My little snack-a-roo

Artichoke Lasagna and Sausage Macaroni & Cheese. Believe it or not, these puppies actually weren’t too bad for you. Each serving size was one cup. Granite, I did not consume a cup of each! I think I had around ½-Âľ of the lasagna (100-150 calories) and Âľ cup of the mac n’ cheese (135 calories). There was also some Caesar salad and French bread being passed around. I took a slice of the bread and a little bit of salad. Unfortunately, I did not snap a picture of my meal. I was so hungry I totally forgot. This was about two hours after my run and I hadn’t eaten anything since my snack before my run so my body was ready for some grub. I figured that tonight was the perfect night to have some carbs after running through the sand. Overall, my meal rounded out to around 600 calories. I’d give this meal probably a C, the reason being it is not really healthy but it isn’t detrimentally bad for you either. (P.S. Sorry for the lack of nutrition info, my mama threw away the boxes before I got all the info and for the love of my can not find it online!) Usually, I have my biggest meal of the day at lunch but knowing the way my dune family eats out here, supper is always a biggie. So knowing that, I tweaked all my other meals throughout the day and just had mini meals. It worked out perfectly. I also avoided the temptations of their happy hour and h’orderves. I think I cut a lot of unwanted fatty foods from my day, I’m pretty please. But I did sneak a few mini (no really, they are teeny tiny) three musketeer cherry dark chocolates. I can totally skip out on all the salty foods, it’s just all the sweets hit me hard! Welp, I’m off to bed now, it’s getting late!

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