Sadly, there was a little mishap, for some odd reason one of my posts got deleted a while ago. So, instead of retyping the whole baby I just wanted to share with you some of the highlights of the post. Think, it’s like a spark notes version hehe. I had two super awesome, healthy recipes that I posted and I wanted to share with you guys. Oddly enough, they are both breakfast related foods but I ate one at lunch and another at dinner. So basically, you can have them whenever you’d like! They are very satisfying. The first recipe was an Instant Oatmeal Pancake. I know, this sounds weird but you experiment with things in college when your low on food haha. It worked great though I used a Better Oats Abundance Apples and Cinnamon pouch. This ended up having a lot of nutrients to it. The pouch had omega-3’s and flax seeds in it which is a super plus! I added about ¼ cup maybe less of egg whites, a dash of milk, cinnamon, and vanilla. Then I blended that baby up until it was smooth.

Blended Ingredients!

Then I poured it evenly onto a George Foreman grill and allowed it to cook around 2 minutes on each side. Once it was cooked I spread a little bit of crunch peanut butter and honey on top. Plus added a few little sprinkles (; Tada! You have a perfectly delicious pancake, my next attempt will be waffles with instant oats muahahahaha. Hopefully, they will turn out

So the next thing I made was a little slice of heaven. It was an egg sandwich, if you guys had noticed before I was talking about the Jimmy Dean D-Light Bagelwichs. Those little suckers were just frozen and you pop into the microwave and your good to go. It was terribly unfortunate when I ran out of those, especially when I had a crazy craving for one. So instead of going out and buying more I wanted to make a more natural version of one. The only think I was missing was the Turkey Sausage (which I need to buy). I popped a 100 calorie Thomas Light English Muffin into my toaster oven with a cut up piece of Colby jack string cheese to melt a bit. Then in a coffee mug I put in some liquid egg whites and a little bit of milk. I nuked it in the microwave for 15 seconds then stirred and then another 15 and stirred. After that, I put it in for 20-30 seconds until it was nice, light, and fluffy. I seasoned it with a little bit of salt and pepper and put it on my English muffin. For a little sweetness I spread some Organic Raspberry Jam on the side of the muffin that didn’t have cheese on it. Delish! This guy had 250 calories, 10 grams of fat ( a little high but I think I can make it lower by getting low fat cheese), 31 carbs, and 16 grams of protein. I think the good out weighs the bad, the protein will keep you full until the next time you plan to eat and it has a low amount of calories. The cheese contributed 9 grams of fat.

Well, I’m off to go riding, catch you all later!

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