Baby Are You Down, Down, Down!

Here's one of my pooches! I thought this was adorable and had to post it!

I’ve been reflecting over the past few days and I decided that I really want to clean up my eating habits and be a bit more strict with my caloric intake and certain other things. I got a little off track with my eating since I started working and I feel like I could afford to lose a bit of weight in the stummy (stomach & tummy combined! :D) area. By no means am I saying I’m going to go crazy and crash diet or lose 20 lbs. I just wanna flatten my belly a bit more. I wanted to share this so you guys could follow me along my journey. Starting today I’m going to reduce my caloric intake to around 1,200-1,500 (this is safe for me, I’m in a nutrition class and we discussed the proper daily values for women my age, height, and weight dieting). Depending on how much activity I do that day is how I’ll base how much to eat. For instance, if I work I’ll eat the high amount, if I’m just chilling at home for the day I’ll eat the lower amount. Make sense? 😀 Plus, I need to get more veggies into my diet. I love, love, love fruit but it is so hard for me to get the veggies in. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that I can’t have too many things at once or I won’t have time to eat them all and they’ll spoil. I will also be trying to eat the littlest amount of processed food possible. I usually only eat processed food because I’m in a hurry or it’s easier for me when I’m beat down from school and such. Now, I’ll try to make meal plans in advance or actual meals to free to make it easier on myself. I’m actually really excited to start, is that weird? I’m infatuated with eating healthy, I just get run of the road into a different direction when I either can’t afford to buy all the expensive organic products or it’s difficult (time wise) for me to make meals. It sucks not having a kitchen in my dorm room! I’ll be honest though, I am human and I probably won’t eat P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I mean come on, everybody needs a little wiggle room. If you don’t allow yourself some treats you’ll just go crazy and binge! This will probably be pretty difficult for me this weekend since I’m at the sand dunes (Glamis, CA) to go quadding. I’m really going to be testing my will power! Hopefully, I’ll be good. I know that I’ll for sure be working out. When my family and I came out here for a week for New Years’ I worked out every day. Which is pretty awesome considering the fact we were camping in an RV. When I say workout I don’t mean a light one, I would work up a good sweat and I lost weight out there. I was pretty amazed by that! I’ll let you know what I’ll be doing. Usually, I go running for cardio or do circuits. I brought free weights the last time but I had no room to bring em’ this time. So now I’ll be relying on my good ole’ body weight exercises. Oh boy, I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much with this post. Anywhoooo, look forward to some smokin’ workouts and some tips on how to avoid not-so-good for ya foods! For breakfast, I had Frosted Flake with skim milk and half a banana on top. Yeah, yeah so I know Frosted Flakes are that good for you but I was surprised when I was reading the nutrition that there were many types of vitamins and minerals in it! Plus no fat but there was around 11 grams of sugar for 3/4 cup and I think I ate around a cup. Each time I post a meal I’ll give the amount of calories, fat, protein, and carbs in it. Every now and then I’ll probably post a little something extra about the amount of sugar, fiber, etc. I’ll give the meal a grade to just to judge how nutritious the meal is.

For this meal, I’m going to give it an A-. The milk and banana are very nutritious and the cereal even has a good amount of vitamins and such in it. The only problem was it was slightly high in sugars.


Calories – 257

Fat- 2.6 grams

Carbs- 54

Protein- 5.9 grams

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