Up, Up and Away!

My Gym Station!

I feel like yesterday morning was so long ago, I was running around ever since I woke up! It was a git err done kinda day. I ate a quick breakfast and studied for a bit, then was off to the gym. I ellipticaled (is that a word?) for 30 minutes and then hopped off and ran over and set up my little station. I think people saw me coming, it was almost as if the crowd parted and there was a nice spot for me to workout in right by the window! Yay!

For this workout, I used a high step, a pair of heavy weights (12.5lbs), and a pair of light weights (10lbs). The heavy weights aren’t shown, I didn’t want to be that floozy in the gym that hogs all the equipment! I already felt like such a weirdo taking pictures of the equipment, so I didn’t want to give any other reason for people to be annoyed! Haha

Mah Workout!

 Now, it looks long but it’s a lot of fun to do! My body is sore today in all the right places, ooo baby!

Feel free to perform some of the exercises that aren’t in the bench segment on the bench, such as Plank Row, Dumbbell Pullover, etc. If there are any exercise you guys don’t know what they are or just have questions, let me know in a comment below and I’ll post pictures on how to do the exercises! When I got home, I wanted to fix a lunch that was very nutrient dense and that would get me through my work shift! Lately, I felt as if I wasn’t eating as healthful as I used to. For my meal, I think my eyes were a little too big for my stomach! I made a wrap (err, well it turned into a taco basically) with a Morning Star Chik’n Pattie, cucumbers, spinach, mustard, and a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese. I used a whole wheat tortilla to hold it all together! Then I had an apple with cinnamon, a Champions Very Berry Yogurt, and a banana. I didn’t even get to the banana! I was so full!

So good!

My Lovely Sides! (Sorry Banana, your so delicious but I couldn't eat cha just yet!)

I added a little bit of Puffins cereal to give the yogurt a crunch (:

So now I’m off for another hectic day! Oh you know, the ole’ GWS (gym, work, study(/sleep (;). Does anyone know what I’m referencing to? Haha

Question: What’s your favorite lunch?



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