Grazin’ the day away!

Yesterday morning’s workout was nice and refreshing even though I was dead-beat tired! I was in the mood to do cardio that I could just get lost in and have some thinking time for myself. So I sprinted 2 miles and then swam 1,000 meters. Now, if you were to do either of these alone they would be pretty mild. When you combine them together not only are you getting your heart racing but your also toning your total body. I missed swimming, I haven’t in two or three weeks! For breakfast I ate a Jimmy Dean D-Light Bagelwich and then drank a bottle of water and was off to class. Since I had to work right after class, I was trying to nibble on things all day so I’d stay full through working. So I packed my own little doggy bag! I didn’t have my camera on hand so some of these are taken with my camera phone, I apologize for the awful quality.

Along with the apples, grapes, and Kashi GoLean Cereal I had a Clif Mojo Bar in Peanut Honey Pretzel. After my taking my Nutrition Exam we were let out early. I scurried home to make a yummy and quite odd mini meal. It consisted of Pretzel Thins and Hummus, 100 Calorie Pack of Popcorn, and Chobani Very Berry Yogurt! So yummy!

After work, I headed home and made an easy dinner. I had a Lean Cuisine Panini and a bowl of Special K Yogurt and Berries Cereal. I think I had a pretty good day of food, don’t you? (;

I feel like I’m eating so much packaged or frozen food lately. It sucks, I can’t wait until I actually have a legit kitchen to cook in!

Question: What’s your favorite thing to cook or bake?

2 thoughts on “Grazin’ the day away!

  1. OMG I totally felt the munchies ALL day! ha ha. I think it’s because I woke up far too early this morning, so I was confusing my being tired for my being hungry.

    My favorite thing to cook: SALMON SKIN! Ah ha ha, sounds weird, I know, but don’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it.

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