I felt like I’ve been cramming a ton of stuff into a short amount of time all morning today. Didn’t get too good of a night of sleep last night due to a blood curdling scream that happened outside my dorm last night that shook my roommate and I up (I kid you not, it sounded like someone was being attacked). This caused me to hit the snooze button a few times this morning. Once I got around to getting up I fed myself a small pre-workout snack. I didn’t have time to capture it on camera but I do have time to add pictures from google (:

I had one of these beauties (Mini Cinnamon Brown Sugar Bagel)

With about 1-2 tsp of Almond Butter, I don’t like too much of this stuff, just enough to get a tad bit of flavaaa! Speaking of flavor, it’s kinda funny I never used to like almond butter but I decided to give it another shot when I saw these cool packets of em’ at Target. Now, I’m in love with it!

My mini meal had around 150 calories in it, 130 for the bagel and around 20 for the almond butter.

Once I got to the gym I headed straight for the Elliptical. My blisters are still pretty tender so I can’t run ): While on the Elliptical I treated myself to the wonderful readings of my Human Development Study Guide. I had a  pretty big test today (which I feel like I kicked its ass, what what!) After I had a sweat sesh on the machine I quickly ran over to an open space to perform a Jump Roping Cardio Circuit.

It looked like this:

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If your going to do this circuit after cardio, do it once.

If your going to do it for a workout out, do it twice.

Once through takes around 15-20 minutes It burns around 150 calories based off a 132 lb woman (me!).

After I completed that I crammed in a bit of arms and abs!

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I felt great after this workout, even though I was kinda pressed for time ( I’m really weird and like hav1 1/2-2 hours in the gym) I felt I got a good session in. Actually, as I’m typing this now I feel the burn!

My workout calorie burning total: 700.
The Breakdown
300 Calories – 30 Minutes On Elliptical
150 Calories – 15 Minutes Jump Roping Circuit
250 Calories – 30 Minutes Weight Training (40 Seconds Rest Between Sets)
(I got these number is from a calorie burning tool)

For breakfast I had something easy and quick. I actually took it to class with me so I could eat it there. See what I mean when I said I was cramming all morning!

I had a Chocolate Covered Coconut Luna Bar (MY FAVORITE) and Chocolate Almond Milk. Hmmm, I guess I had a chocolate craving! Plus, I packed a giant bottle of water. Oh and for all those eco-geeks out there, like me, I am being eco-friendly. I actually just refill the Smart Water bottle with water from my Brita filter. It’s the only water bottle big enough to keep me hydrated through all 6 1/2 hours of my classes!

There were a total of 310 calories, 11 grams of fat, 48 carbs, and 10 grams of protein!

So question for today: What’s your favorite Luna Bar or Granola Bar???

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