Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!

So this morning my good friend and I woke up and headed to the gym around 8:05ish to get in a workout before classes. Her and I parted and I made a beeline for the pool while she stuck to cardio and weights. Since I had been running the night before and got massive blisters, I figured swimming was a safe bet to avoid pain. Well, actual pain that is, I defiantly didn’t avoid the burn from the workout! First I warmed up with a few laps to get in the groove of things and then ventured into my long distance swim workout. I swam a mile (1,600 meters) freestyle, also know as the front crawl. Then I decided I wanted to stay in the pool a little longer so I swam a variation of drills for 400 more meters. I practiced my kicking on a kick bored for 100 meters, sprinted 25 meters x 6 (which equaled out to 200 meters), and then cooled down with 100 meters freestyle. I felt like I got a really good workout in. I felt energized and awake, but that could of been due to the temperature of the water, which was nice and refreshing! Swimming is a great way to get cardio in and sculpt hot, lean muscles without putting any impact on your joints. Not to mention it has helped me greatly with my asthma. According to my calorie counting app on my iPad, I burned 647 calories! Yippee!


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